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With 50 years in business, this family owned and operated Insurance Agency remembers the best and survived some of the worse Market times in the history of the Insurance Industry.

They saw a need for Association type insurance that was the stepping-stone to the success of Haines-Ross Agencies, Inc.  Haines-Ross was instrumental in the development of some of the most unique Association Insurance Programs in existence today. Their vision was closely tied to the emerging popularity of the Condominium and Cooperative Housing Development in the early 1970's. Still, today, the Agency is actively involved in some of these Associations.

In subsequent years, the Agency expanded their commercial business and continued to offer a complete array of products to meet the ever-changing needs of their community and their customers. They expanded their lines of insurance to include Personal Auto and Homeowners Policies. Today, they are a full service Agency offering an array of insurance products.

The family believes in supporting programs that benefit individuals and families in the communities they serve. They are actively involved and pleased to give a helping hand - not a handout. Some of the local charities they have supported are:

  1. Passion for life - (Lou Gehrig's Disease) ALS Therapy Development Foundation
  2. Children's Hospital
  3. Shoot for a Cure - Henry Ford Hospital Neuroscience (20th Annual 2012)
  4. Children's Miracle Network - William Beaumont Hospital
  5. Detroit Institute for Children - Henry Ford Memorial
  6. Detroit Opera House
  7. Lighthouse of Oakland County

Why us?

  1. 50 years in business. We are stable and will be here when you need us.
  2. We are an INDEPENDENT AGENT and represent a variety of Companies that offer a wide selection of products.  A captive Agent, such as a State Farm Agent works for and is paid by only one Insurance Company. We do not work for a particular Insurance Company but rather we work for our clients. We are your advocate in case of a claim. Our customers are our top priority and we are here to guide you throughout a fair and equitable claims process.  
  3. We begin by asking, "What's important to you?" We listen. We learn. We develop an understanding of both your needs and your dreams of the future.
  4. We do the work for you.
  5. We take the mystery out of insurance and help you make sense of it, so you can look forward to a brighter, more secure future.
  6. We believe that knowledge and service continue to be the best insurance we can offer you. Let us put our knowledge to work for you!
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